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How can I tell if my website has been hacked?

Often one of the easiest ways to tell if you’ve been hacked is to locate your site in Google’s search results. Websites that are suspected of being compromised are labeled with a message that says “This site may be hacked.” Unfortunately, if you’re seeing this message, your online reputation is already suffering. You should act quickly to repair your site, and submit an appeal to Google to remove the warning.


What happens to my online reputation when my site gets hacked?

Since a hacked website can cause a lot of damage to you customers’ devices, you want to act quickly. There are many internet watchdog companies that will notify major telecomm companies to block access to your site on their networks. This can be devastating to your online reputation.

Being blacklisted can mean more than just getting scrubbed from Google. Your ability to send e-mail will be limited and your website’s domain name may appear on sites that warn against fraud.

What’s my liability, and what should I tell my customers?

If you use your website to store sensitive customer data, you may be liable for the breech of such information. If you process credit card transactions on your site, it’s important to verify that your transactions are properly encrypted, or you may be required to notify your customers and pay a third party to monitor and protect their accounts from fraud. If this is the case, we highly recommend seeking legal counsel, while your site cleanup is in progress.

How do I prevent getting hacked again?

Transfer your hosting to a reputable company that specializes in WordPress security. We can help migrate your site to a secure web hosting company with a proven history of keeping your data safe.

All websites we clean come with a 30-day warranty. If your site becomes re-infected we’ll clean it again until the job is done. You can extend our service warranty to 90-days for an additional fee.


100% Malware Protection, Included in AfterCare

We take care of a lot of WordPress websites.  Our comprehensive maintenance, monitoring and reporting plan is called AfterCare.  If your site is ever hacked while under our care, we fix it for free.