Let's have a coffee, play a game, and discover your brand in a different light.

Introducing a Brand Discovery Exercise that reveals your company's true personality - like how it attracts customers and what those customers are expecting when they show up at your door. The Brand Ethos Exercise starts with a card game and ends with a detailed overview of your brand's value system.

The insights from this game help us create 4 Cornerstone Marketing Messages that you can put into play, right away.

The Brand Ethos Report is meant to be your roadmap for writing great content, designing beautiful websites, and confidently telling the story of you!

A Fun Brand Discovery Exercise – The Brand Ethos

We use Branding Cards, one of the best tools in the design industry for getting to the heart of a great brand.  The game is simple - we show you a card, you tell us if it fits your brand, is opposite your brand, or it does not apply.

At the end of the game, we'll organize all the words that best describe your brand into three categories.

  1. How do we want people to be attracted to your brand?
  2. How do we want customers experience your processes?
  3. What are the core values of your company's mission?

Order Your Brand Ethos Report and Follow-Up Consultaion Now – $497 CAD

  • Play Branding Cards with our Creative Director in this 90-Minute Branding Exercise.
  • Receive Our 5-Page Brand Ethos Report summarizing your brand's unique value system, with 4 Cornerstone Marketing Messages you can put into play, right away.
  • Book a follow-up 60-Minute Strategy Session to brainstorm additional ways to market your business with these new insights.

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