for the real world.

We are your digital marketing team.


1. Branding Strategy

Find out where your customers hang out online and what they're searching for, then build the right strategy to reach them by anticipating their wants and needs.

Branding Exercises

Start discovering your online opportunities today for just
$499 CAD.

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2. Web Development

Design an online experience that delights your customers and serves them better than all of your competitors. They'll come back again and again.

Website Development

Request a quote for your new website project. Rates starting at $3,000 CAD.

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3. Promotion

Optimize your site's content for search and social sharing. Setup your social channels with a personality to match your website and track your inbound conversions.

Digital Marketing

We offer three plans to boost your brand and make your website do more for your bottom line.

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Web Design Is Only The Beginning

Branding + Strategy

Let us help refine your brand for maximum impact online. If you need help explaining your business in simple terms to attract new customers, this is the best place to start.
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Branding Specialist Calgary

Mobile App Developer Calgary

Custom Web Design & Development

We create clean, engaging and fun-to-use mobile experiences that serve your customers better –
with powerful backend tools will save you time and generate new leads.
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Web Design

All of our sites are built with mobile-friendly layouts that beautifully scale your content to fit the screen of any device. Google likes it when we do that, and so do humans.
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Calgary Web Design Agency

Website Business Intelligence and Analytics Tools

SEO + Analytics Integrated

Find new opportunities for growth by analyzing your website traffic, referral sources and sales volumes. We make it easy, by combining this data in one convenient dashboard.
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Digital Marketing + Managed Social

Let us write the content for your blog or social media channels. Our copywriters know how to get the point across, without using industry jargon or confusing terms. Then, our designers will create an eye-catching custom graphic to promote the article on social media after it is published.
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Social Media Management Canada

Mobile-Responsive Web Design


All of our sites are built with mobile-friendly layouts that automatically scale your content to fit the screen of mobile devices, like this one!
Google likes it when we do that, and so do humans.
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Integrated Social Media Tools


Automatically publish your blog posts to your company’s social media channels, like magic!
This makes owning and managing your content across multiple channels feel effortless.
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Track Traffic and Sales from One Dashboard


Your website does a lot more than just display text and images. Our custom WordPress-powered dashboard includes analytics and sales reports so you can see vital information all in one place.
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We’re A Little Obsessed

Abtek Web Design is committed to building websites that not only look great, but work hard to make your business better. That’s why we obsess over all the little details, and deliver a stunning and simple-to-use user experience across all devices.


Our team knows how to leverage the best online tools to build a strong foundation for your brand. We pride ourselves in providing a full range of services, intentionally designed to propel your business forward.

Why We’re Different

Get More Reach with Social Media Marketing.

We’ll go the extra step and connect your new website with your social media channels. That way, when you publish new content on your site, it is pushed to your social media channels automatically… like magic!


We Love Custom.

Not all websites are created equal. We love taking on new challenges and building customized platforms that simplify your daily workflows and back-office processes.


Need to track orders and inventory?
Online appointment scheduling?
Private members-only community?
We can pickle that.

Don’t Hack Me, Bro.

Doing business online can sometimes be risky because hackers, spammers and trolls seem to be everywhere. With us, you don’t need to worry about them. Our sites are built using industry-leading best practices for security and reputation management.


We’ve got your back! We install monitoring tools on your site to watch for early-warning signs and abnormal behaviour, before it becomes an issue.

What Our Clients Say…

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality websites for our clients, which also happen to be some of the best-looking folks around.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.”Steve Jobs